New Kind Of Personal Alarm

In this article, I’ll try for myself and my readers to figure out which gsm alarm system is better to buy, so that its quality and functionality correspond to the amount of money spent on it. For a more informative experiment, I decided to test the “signals” from manufacturers from different countries, one of which is Ukraine. To your attention, in the “easy” (twice underline “light”, big request to the fans Viewsonic, LifeSOS, Satel, Ajax and other monsters, do not compare siren song keychain the professional system with alarms for home use) price category: Tenex Guard 5050 G – China; Altronics Al-100 KIT – according to applications from Taiwan suppliers; Guard Avizor KIT with a loud, patriotic statement about the origin in Ukraine.

What do we draw attention to?

From the specifics: in the first part I will evaluate the external data: packing and sealing, equipment, body and board of the central part of the signaling (in the people – central), as well as its payment; in the second part: sensors and their boards, ways of controlling the alarm, basic characteristics, power and other trivia important in the work. At the second stage I will test the sensors in the laboratory. In conclusion, as cherry on the cake – the final results. However, do not rush to flip at once to them, because it is during the unpacking and testing process that the reasons for the conclusions drawn will be considered in detail, emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses of each set.

As they say, they meet on clothes. In the case of technology – on the box. Judging by it (Fig. 1), the Altotronics package I bought came to me already having been in use, or having seen a lot when delivering it. Perhaps any other kit would be in a more “fresh” state, but this case makes you think. And since the box is not sealed, no one can guarantee the availability and availability of all the details and details after the second hands. Unlike Altronics, the Sentinel package is delivered in sealed form: when trying to remove this seal (Fig. 2), text appeared on it, which means that you can be sure that I receive the goods in their original form.